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Friday, September 21, 2018

Good morning for a second time.

The AES phone lines are back up and working for both in and outgoing calls.  Please remember when calling Ashby Elementary School the number to use is 978-597-8713 #5000 to reach us.  Don't forget the pound sign otherwise you will be connected to a different office. You may also e-mail me or any staff at any time.


Mrs C

Friday, September 21, 2018

Good morning to all AES Parents and Guardians,

I wanted to let you know that at this point our school phone lines at AES are down..  Please e-mail me directly at agapp@nmrsd.org should you need to get us a message to us.  As soon as it is corrected I will let you know. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Mrs C

Tuesday 9/18/2018

While we are waiting for a resolution to get the AES phones back up and running to receive incoming calls, Central Office created a system that will allow you to call into the school. Thanks for your patiences. Mrs. C.

  1. Call the Central Office phone number (978-597-8713)

  2. When the auto attendant starts, press # 5000 and you be connected to AES

Tuesday 9/18/2018

Dear AES parent and Guardians,

At 6:00 AM this morning there was a smell of gas at AES. We had three fire departments respond (Ashby, Townsend, and Ashburnham) to assist and walk through the building. As the morning went on I kept staff and Central Office abreast of the situation.  At this point, 8:00 AM, we received the clearance from Unitil and the building was clear for the start of school.

The phone lines are still down and if you need to reach the school please email: agapp@nmrsd.org or mmorine@nmrsd.org.

Please know that your child will be excused if you decide to keep your child home today.

Thank you again for your patience and support.

Information that was left off of the Weekly AES Blast (9-14-2018) yesterday.

Weekly 9/14/2018 (additional info)

The district is in the process of getting new phones. As some of you are aware our AES incoming phone lines are temporarily down today and not allowing us to receive incoming calls.   We are able to call out, as well as receive emails. Thank you for your patience as we work on resolving the issue.

Mrs. C.

Weekly 9/14/2018 (additional info)

Ms. Bettez was unable to attend our Open House this past Wednesday.

She will be at AES this coming Thursday, September 20, 2018 from 5-7 PM for anyone wishing to stop by.

You may also reach her at kbettez@nmrsd.org if this time is not convenient.

Thank you,

Mrs. C.

Weekly 9/14/2018 - News from the Principal:

Thank you to Brittany Cormier from Deluxe Corporation for collecting school supplies for those students at AES who are in need.

Thank you to Rod Gavdreau and the Ashby Alumni Association for the donation of the first grade book "the Kissing Hand" to all of our first graders.

We had a very successful Open House this past Wednesday.  I was able to greet parents as they entered the building.  I always like seeing my former AES students and hearing about their new adventures in middle school.  I was able to spend time with both new parents to our school and those who walked our halls 10-13 years ago and are back doing it all over again with their child or children.

I hope you had a chance to stop by the PTC table to check out their large clothing sale.  The PTC is having their first meeting this coming Monday evening at the school from 6-8 PM.  Other vendors that were in the lobby included: Kidsborough (the on-site before and after care for kids), Mrs. Harrison with Early Childhood program available throughout the district and the Boy Scouts   If you were unable to join us for whatever reason please know that we are only an email or phone call away. If you are able to join us, you are always welcome to come for your child’s lunch/recess, please stop on over.   I’m available through e-mail and can ring you back no matter if I am in AES or SECC. I am not always by my desk so if you send an e-mail about emergency changes to your child's dismissal, please e-mail agapp@nmrsd.org, mmorine@nmrsd.org and the classroom teacher so we don't miss it.  Once we see it we usually send back a reply.

Thank you to all the staff who have beautified our school with growth mindset quotes.  

Please remember to label your child’s clothing items as we have some items already making their way to our Lost and Found table.

All students must have money on their lunch accounts at all times.  If your child will be absent or tardy, please call our absent line at 978-386-7265 before 9:00 am. There is an answering machine and it can be called at any time.

Dates to Remember:

9/14 Band Instrument Rental at the HS at 7:00 PM in the large cafe area.  

9/16 Bleacher fundraiser at Patriots pizza (4-9 PM), remember to bring the coupon on the bottom of the flyer).  We will bring extra just in case you forget!

9/17 PTC meeting 6-8 PM

9/26 - Half day of school and dismissal is at 11:50 am.

10/1 School Council meeting 3:15 PM

10/3 Walk to School Day, all buses meet the staff on the Ashby Common and we walk as a group back to the school.  Parent Drop- Offs are more than welcome to drop-off at the Ashby Common. Don't worry I always leave a staff member at AES and on the common for late comers. We also do this again in the spring. It’s a great way to start our day!

10/8 - No school

10/18 -  Half day of school and dismissal is at 11:50 am.  

Annual Bus Safety with Mr. C will take place next week in the library and the following rules will be reviewed with all students:

keep hands and feet to self

inside voices

stay in your seat

backpacks on your lap

no eating or drinking on the bus

no hands outside the windows

5 giants steps away from the bus stop when waiting to board the bus

don't touch the emergency windows or doors unless instructed to by the bus driver.

If someone is bothering you, tell them to please stop and if it doesn't tell the bus driver, a teacher or any school personnel

keep body and feet out of the aisle

no changing seats

no drawing or using pencils on the bus,

books and certain okayed items will be allowed for those who need an activity for the long bus rides around town. If students bring I-pod or Games Boys they are the students' responsibility.

September Art News

Art is off to a wonderful start as we are all enjoying the new art room!  The students jumped into making their own creative “DOT”, inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter Reynolds. All of our dots will be part of a collective mural adorning our main hallway in celebration of International Dot Day on September 15th.  Faculty and staff dots will be part of our mural as this day celebrates the uniqueness of us all and the very special and vibrant community we have at Ashby Elementary.  The students will soon begin their Silver Graphics fundraising art projects. The art they create can be displayed on many different items to purchase. The students are always excited to make art for this fundraiser and always put forth great effort.  Some of the projects for this fundraiser will be hearts inspired by Pop Art, Oil pastel waves inspired by Hokusai’s, The great Wave, and colorful dragonflies.

News from first grade:

Welcome to a new school year!  The first graders have been getting back into the routine of school.  They have adjusted well to first grade. The students have been reading and listening to many genres of stories.  We have started Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops. They have been writing personal narratives. In Math, the first graders are presently working on understanding addition.  Subtraction will be our next topic. In Social Studies, the first graders completed an All About Me project. We are all looking forward to a wonderful new school year!

PTC News:

THIS FRIDAY! Sept,14th:

Family Movie Night Under the Stars

-Join our AES families and friends for this FUN back to school event! Grab your chairs and blankets and bring your Little Rascals down to the AES playground for a movie at dusk.

-This event is sponsored by the PTC, popcorn and waters for sale starting at 6:30, Cafe bathrooms available.

Family Photo Fundraiser

To sign up visit:


-This exciting Family Photo fundraiser is BACK again and is sure to fill up fast. Your family will receive images right to your email to print and share as you please! The package is $75 and includes: 15 minutes of shooting outdoors in Ashby at Damon Pond!

Townsend Ashby Youth Softball and Baseball Flyer attached

File attachments:


Weekly Blast 9/7/2018

News from the Principal:

On the first day of school, August 29, we started the day with a brief meeting before school started to welcome new students and staff. Please welcome Mrs. Webb our Technology Specialist.  She comes to us from Falmouth where she was the Technology Specialist for two years. Please be patient as we update our school website.

If you haven't done so already, please remember to fill out first day forms and send them back to your child’s homeroom teacher.

Band Information Night will be held at the high school on Friday, September 14th at 6:00 PM in the Common Area.

AES Open House is next Wednesday, September 12th from 5:30 - 7:30 PM.

We have conducted two fire drills this month and will be doing bus safety and bus evacuation drills later in the month. By the end of the first week in October we will have practiced our intruder drill.

A flyer will be heading home on Monday with a coupon on it for our bleacher fundraiser taking place at Townsend Patriot Pizza on Sunday, September 16th from 4:00-9:00 PM  

The solar panels are working at AES and if you log into the link can can see how much we are saving as a school daily.  https://www.solrenview.com/SolrenView/mainFr.php?siteId=5180

Dates to Remember:

9/14 - Fall AES pictures (all students for our student information system along with class pictures), flyers are heading home this afternoon

9/16 - Bleacher fundraiser at Patriots pizza 4-9 PM

9/17 - PTC meeting 6-8 PM

9/26 - Half day of school and dismissal is at 11:50 AM.

10/1 - School Council meeting 3:15 PM

10/3 - Walk to School Day

10/8 - No school

News from Kindergarten:

Kindergarten is off to a great start!  We have spent the week making new friends, learning our way around the building, and knowing our classroom rules.  We have survived the heat and are looking forward to cooler weather. In September, we will be starting our Fundations program, a new reading program and beginning our Math.  We will be reading books by authors David Shannon and Mo Willems. In science and social studies, we will be talking about apples and Johnny Appleseed. We are looking forward to a great school year!!

August 29, 2018

Welcome to the Ashby Elementary School (AES) website. We hope it will serve both as a useful source of information and a valuable tool to access the resources available here at our school and beyond.

At AES, we believe that a solid education will be the key to students' success in the future. It is our goal to provide the best education possible. Together, we strive to ensure that every student achieves their full potential.  Please remember the motto painted in my office, as well as in the main hallway: All students can learn and succeed, but not on the same day in the same way. – William G. Spody.

To learn more about our philosophy, policies, and procedures, I invite you to read over the Parent/Student Handbook that is linked on the left under Student Life. I am always available to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have; please feel free to email me at agapp@nmrsd.org, or call me at 978-743-1005.  We look forward to a wonderfully productive and successful 2018-2019 school year!

~Mrs. Cromwell-Gapp, M.Ed., C.A.G.S. Ed. Leadership

Policy EFCD Meal Charges

Lunch and Breakfast Menus

Drop off and Pick up Map

Supply Lists 2018/19 School Year

General Information  


The snow day extended learning program used its first of a possible five days on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. We would like to thank the staff, students, and families for jumping into this pilot so quickly. There is much positive feedback from this first day, but as with any pilot, there is room for improvement.

To address some of the frequent questions received regarding the first pilot day, we have updated the Frequently Asked Questions to help give some more clarification and guidelines for all involved. The questions updated are below:

**What is structured learning time?

Per the state of Massachusetts Structured Learning time shall mean time during which students are engaged in regularly scheduled instruction, learning activities, or learning assessments within the curriculum for study of the "core subjects" and "other subjects." In addition to classroom time where both teachers and students are present, structured learning time may include directed study, independent study, technology-assisted learning, and presentations by persons other than teachers, school-to-work programs, and statewide student performance assessments.

Guidelines from the DESE were updated recently and can be found using the following link:


**How will students know what their extended learning assignment will be for the snow day?

Teachers will determine if they will assign a short-term, unit-based or long-term assignment and will give this out to students either at the beginning of winter, before the snow day or post or email no later than 9:00 am on an extended learning snow day.

Assignments may be given in packets or hard copy, or they may be sent out using technology that the class is familiar with using at other times during the year (google classroom, Aspen, etc.). Some teachers will also post their assignments on the school or district website as well, in the event the hard copy is lost or forgotten at school.

However, if your child does not have access to technology or the technology frequently doesn’t work consistently then please contact your child’s teacher to request that hard copies be sent home.

**How much time should each assignment take?

The snow day extended learning program focuses on quality of learning, not quantity. Teachers will provide assignments which meet the DESE definition of structured learning time. Assignments will be reasonable in length for the developmental age and grade level of students, and we are mindful of the unique opportunity for family time on school cancellation days. Emphasis is placed on the quality of learning experiences, not on quantity or compliance.

Estimated times for schoolwork completion per grade span will be:

• K-2 – approximately 60 minutes

• Gr. 3-4 - approximately 90 minutes

• Gr. 5-8 – approximately 20 minutes per subject area that would have met on the cancelled cycle day

• Gr. 9-12 – approximately 30 minutes per subject area that would have met on the cancelled cycle day

 THE FLU: A Guide for Parents - A hard copy will be sent home on Monday. January 22nd

Extended Day Learning - Day 1

AES Extended Day Classwork for Day 1 is located in the back pocket of your child's blue home school folder.


The snow day extended learning pilot program is an alternative way to make up snow-days (up to five) that has been accepted for this school year, to serve from during January 16th through April 1st.  Instead of making up snow days at the end of June, students will be given a variety of assignments that are either short-term, unit-based or a long-term project equal to multiple days of learning. These assignments will be due sometime after the snow day (s) has occurred. Each grade level will be different.   Students may work on the assignments during the snow day or choose to complete them afterwards, especially if they need help or clarification from their teachers. I am meeting with all Ashby staff the morning of January 11.  That same evening, January 11th, there will be a Parent Information Night beginning at 6:30 PM at the High School, which is open to all.

At the end of the pilot, the Snow Day Extended Learning committee will send out a survey to determine the strengths and areas of improvement for this initiative. The school committee will then be presented with a recommendation from the committee to either: adopt the Extended Learning for future years, continue with a revised pilot, or discontinue the program based on the results of the survey.

 A special thank you my colleague, Principal Janda, and all the members of the Snow Day Extended Learning Committee for their commitment to this initiative.

Snow Day Extended Learning links: Overview & FAQPowerPoint slides from the school committee presentation.

Mrs. C.

Before & After School Program


Exciting news for the 17-18 school year! The district has selected Kidsborough to provide Before and After-School Care “on-site” to the K-4 students of Ashby, Spaulding Memorial, and Varnum Brook Elementary Schools. Families can look forward to a fun-filled curriculum that includes art, science, cooking, physical play and of course homework help! Kidsborough’s program includes a variety of 6-8 week clubs such as Yoga, Chess, Gizmos and Gadgets, Foreign Language, Community Service and more. To ensure availability please register by August 11, 2017.

All NMRSD families that register by the above deadline will receive the month of May 2018 for free! Departures from the program prior to May will receive a prorated discount.

If you have any questions, please visit our website at www.kidsborough.com. You can reach us directly at 978-877-6923


AES participated in the lead and copper tap monitoring program. Click here to read the lead and copper results from the sample collected at Ashby Elementary School on 9/20/16

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