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 Ancient History
This site is sponsored by the US Mint and takes kids on a trip through timemany trips here to go on, all pertaining to US history
Lots of good information at this site!


Colonial Days

The First Thanksgiving....Plimoth Plantation Virtual Field Trip
A great Scholastic resource
Use this website to find out about colonial days.
Lots of activities for kids here.
Meet the colonists in these interactive history lessons.
Now and Then!
The Kids Zone offers games, activities, and resources about life in colonial America. Use this section to prepare your child for a Colonial Williamsburg visit.

Great Explorers
Check out all the explorers of the world at this site.
This site has lots of information about explorers. You need to copy and paste the above link into the Internet Explorer address bar and then press return to go there!
There are many facts here about European explorers, and links to more information at the bottom of the page. This is a great resource!

Famous Americans
Famous American coloring pages.
Multimedia biographies and timelines.
Looking for a famous American?   This page presents short biographies of more than 200 famous American's drawn from our unit, "The 50 States." These personalities are arranged by theme.
Just click a theme at the top of the page to view a selection list for that theme.
Lists the presidents of the United States, and gives some information.
Information about the presidents of the United States. is an educational opportunity for young Americans to learn about the White House and the President through fun and exciting features.
Find out about many famous Americans...especially good for Grade 5
Virtual American Biographies ....Over 30,000 personalities with thousands of 19th Century illustrations, signatures, and exceptional life stories.
America's story from the Library of Congress. Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made this country what it is today.
Want to read more about a person? This section lists links to information about many different people.

Native Americans
Resources for kids and teachers

Revolutionary War

Liberty!  The Road to the Revolution
This site has much information about all the battles of the Revolutionary War. This site should be used for the Battles of the American Revolution Database.
All about the Revolutionary War...just for kids!
Liberty! The American Revolution - online companion to the PBS series about the American Revolution. Features tons of facts about the Revolution, perspectives of people involved, and a Revolutionary game.
Visit this site to design a newspaper that highlights several important aspects of the American Revolution. Your stories should be based on facts from researching this time period.
Information about the Revolutionary War
Interactive Map:Revolutionary War Battles, 1775-1778

United States

US Geography Games Capitals, States, and Landscapes!
US/Regional Map and Quiz printouts from Enchanted Learning

Information About the States
Here you'll find much information about the 50 states.
This site will link you to the Office of Tourism for each state in the United States.
Click on the name of the state you are studying. You can find factual information here.

Information about the Massachusetts symbols.  You can choose other states also.
Massachusetts: Facts, Maps, and Symbols
Massachusetts state symbol project


Monuments and Memorials of Washington DC..information and pictures
You'll find some famous landmarks here.
National historic landmarks
Facts about the United States including National Landmarks.
An interactive map of landmarks. Click on one to learn more.
U.S. Landmarks Resources
An Internet Hotlist on U.S. Landmarks
Here you'll find many links for information about US Landmarks, including a quiz!
Landmark: United States. Selct a state to find a list and information about all the landmarks in that state.

Westward Expansion
Go west across America with Lewis and Clark

Ancient History

Ancient Rome Scavenger Hunt

Pompeii Video


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