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AES Guidance Office Mission Statement:

The mission of the school counselor at AES is to promote healthy overall growth of all students through developmental guidance programs, small group interventions, and individual counsel. The school counselor partners with parents, community members, administrators, and teachers to create and maintain a safe enjoyable learning environment so students feel safe exploring their world.


AES Guidance Department Philosophy:

The counselor at AES believes

- All children are inherently worthy

-  All children can learn

- All children have dignity and self worth

- All children have the opportunity to participate in guidance programs

- All children will have support

The counseling program at AES is designed to be preventative and developmental. Individual, group and classroom sessions increase students’ social and emotional awareness. These sessions address issues such as impulse control, empathy, anger management, bullying, honesty, friendship and problem solving. Second STEP is a violence prevention curriculum and is used to tackle these difficult topics in our classroom meetings and reinforce other sessions. In addition, each month AES celebrates a monthly value that is aligned with the school’s Improvement Plan. At the end of each month, these values are reinforced by a school wide assembly with student body participation.

I am available by phone at 978-386-7266 or email at: anytime for parents and guardians to discuss issues regarding their child.  Thank you and have a wonderful school year!

~ Ms. K. Bettez
   School Counselor


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