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 Dear Parents,

The following is a great tool to help inspire practice and proper modeling for your band student. Below is an educational web-site from which our choral and band music for AES is ordered. Almost all of our arrangements can be heard on the site played by professional musicians. Your child can hear and, eventually, play along with the musicians in the privacy of a home setting, with your permission.

Grade 4  Band students should be practicing 3 or more times weekly.

Weekly homework assignments are recorded in Lesson Logs (to be initialed by parents).

Here's how:

  • Go to
  • Look for the "Find by Catalog#" search box.
  • Type into the box any catalog number of a song below that you desire. Then click on the little green arrow next to the rectangle. You will alrive at the song site.
  • Click on either "Real Audio" or "Mp3 Audio", and the music will play for you.

The following are many of our songs for the year:

Grade 4 Band:



— Mrs. Deborah Hencke

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